Sunday, April 26, 2020

PSA Grading

The truth is that some cards actually sell for less on the market after the owner has paid to have them graded! While some cards are worth more after they have been professionally graded, I have found that most cards gain very little value when professionally graded and rarely gain enough value to cover the additional incurred fees. It all depends on the card.
Usually, it does not make sense to get a card graded unless it is very old or in near perfect condition. Getting cards professionally graded is expensive and may even reduce the value of the card. If you are selling a collection, you are usually better off saving yourself the expense and just selling the cards ungraded.
The reason that some graded cards sell for more is that the professional graders grade harder than we collectors did 20 years ago. They tend to be very critical of flaws. It is very common for people to send a card off to be graded that the owner feels is in NEAR MINT condition and have it come back graded EXCELLENT!
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So does it really matter that they get a little more for their card that is professionally graded "EXCELLENT" - when compared to other cards that are graded EXCELLENT"? Especially if they could of sold it ungraded as "NEAR MINT" for 75% more? Most people that send a group of cards off to be graded the first time are shocked at the low grades that they receive.
A PSA graded card (or Beckett or SGC) is going to increase the value, especially if the grade is high.
For selling a card, especially on ebay, grading an expensive vintage card is almost certain to bring more money. Many cards have been altered over the years to appear in better shape; trimming, recoloring, or outright counterfeiting. A scan won't show this. A graded card gives the buyer confidence that the card is unaltered and legit.
For example, a 2011 Bowman Mike Trout RC is listed as $30 by Beckett. That's NM price. Most people won't pay more than that, if that much, even if assured it's a gem mint card. But a graded gem mint of the card books for $100. And buyers will pay well over the $30 ungraded price for that grade.
A 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle books at $30,000 in NM. But, if it grades out as a true NM, it jumps to $80,000. (And probably would bring a whole lot more.)